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2018 Steven M Hain 450K T-3 Crane Mount Drill Attachment

VIN: 40012-51
Unit #: Z1243



Crane Mounted Drill Attachment, Adjustable Sub-Frame, Force Lubricated Hypoid Gear Set, 6.63:1 Ratio Oil Bath Lubricated Spur Gear Drive, Remote Electronic Push Button Control System, Hydraulic Crown Option, 13.5" Kelly Roller Drive, 13.5"x85" Kelly Bar w/Outer Kelly Swivel/Stabilizer and AS-17 45 Ton Inner Kelly Swivel, 7" Square Solid Inner, Extra Unused Right Angle Gear Box, Extra Unused Clark Transmission, Dedicated Gang Box w/Extra Parts, New December 2018, Unused, $575,000 List, Our loss your gain. $500,000

location icon location Brownsville, WI

Vehicle Service History


John Deere 6090/325HP Tier 3 Diesel
4 Speed Powershift w/16" Torque Converter

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