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2016 Vermeer Navigator D40x55 Series III Directional Drill

VIN: 1VRY240G5G1000176
Unit #: Z1119



3 Speed Gearbox, Remote Lock Out, 50GPM FMC Pump, Hyd. Stakedown System, Auto Rod Loader, Hyd. Power Vice Rod Break-Out System, Auto Grease, Anti-Freeze System, 16" Rubber Tracks, Flow Meter, Strike Alert System, Auto Drill and Ratt Control, Drilling Lights, Rack of (35)-15' Firestick 1 700 Drill Rod, Wireless Remote, Field Ready

Recent Service:

Rotation Thrust Box-11/2018, Drive Motor, Hyd. Cylinder-10/2020, Hyd. Motor, Guide Rollers-10/2021, Starter Rod, Jaw Dies-5/2022, Auger, Operator Controls-6/2022, Service/Inspection-($45K)-1/2023

hours icon hours 5,129

as shown on meter

location icon location Brownsville, WI

Vehicle Service History


JD4045T/140HP Turbo Tier 4

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