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2016 Lippman IMP5165LS Impactor

VIN: 2016-0116
Unit #: K505



Twin Disc IBF318PO Clutch, 300T/HR Capacity, 1994 Nordberg Chassis, 60"x20' Infeed Conveyor, 48'x20' Outfeed Conveyor, Honda Power Unit, Tires-50%, Runs Excellent

Recent Service:

Blow Bars, Starter-3/2023, Radiator-1/2023, Wear Plates, Belt-12/2022, PTO-10/2022, Batteries-4/2022, Toggle-7/2021, Engine Rebuild-12/2020($82K), Curtain Liners, Impact Bed, Tail Pulley-10/20202

location icon location Brownsville, WI

Vehicle Service History


Cat 3408C/525HP
Tire Size

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