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2014 TT Technologies Grundodrill 4X Drill Rig

VIN: 4X1425223
Unit #: Z1059



Hydrostatic, Smart Vice, Remote Control, Strike Alert, Hydraulic Stake Down, 9" Steel Tracks w/Rubber Pads, (15) 1.75x5' Drill Stem, (3) Auger

Recent Service:

Sonde Housing-5/2017, Cylinder-11/2017, Drill Head, Battery-4/2018, Mud Pump, Water Pump-6/2018, Feed Assembly-9/2018, Tracks-4/2019, Hyd Motor-7/2019, Stabilizer, Controls, Drive Motor/Pump-10/2019, Vice, Guide Rollers-2/2020, Fuel Pump-5/2021, Crankshaft Seal-4/2022

hours icon hours 3,495

as shown on meter

location icon location Brownsville, WI

Vehicle Service History


Kubota 37HP Diesel

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